Megechi Kham: live at Octopus Studio

by Hartyga feat. Albert Kuvezin

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transilvaniasmile Who knew jazzy psych rock would mix so well with traditional Tuvan overtone singing and instruments? This EP is a ton of fun and is worth the sub-20 minutes of time it will take - and if you want more, you'll be happy to know their debut album "Agitator" is fantastic as well! Favorite track: Kokey Noyan.
Carsten Pieper
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Carsten Pieper Hartyga label themselves as "second wave of Tuva rock" and here they team up with one pivotal protagonist of the first wave, Albert Kuvezin of Yat-Kha (and Huun-Huur-Tu) fame.

As I'm currently sick with a very persistent flu, a little shamanistic aid is very welcome ;-} Favorite track: Kokey Noyan.
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This live-in-studio album released as a first collaboration album of tuvan jazz - rock band "Hartyga" ( and legendary tuvan singer / guitar player Albert KUVEZIN ( In English "Megechi Kham" means "Lying Shaman".

Released by Octopus Sound Design / S.G.T.R.K. Media Lab


released January 11, 2016




Hartyga Kyzyl, Russia

We are the jazz-rock band «Hartyga» and continually step by step we are working to improve our art of playing the traditional Tuvan musical instruments and “kirgiraa” and “hoomey” throat singing. Our mission is to introduce the entire world to the Tuvinian musical heritage in contemporary interpretation and to show our ancient culture as a vivid evolving source of joy and inspiration. ... more

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Track Name: Megechi Kham
Үе хевин солуп кетсе-даа,
Үүлгедии эрги-ле хевээр.
Ирик хөмнүг эрги дүңгүрлер
Индирлерде ам-даа дагжап тур.


Мези дылдыг, авыястыг
Мегечи хам, дүңгүрүң ырат!

Күчүлелдиң ачызы-биле
Хүндүткелди чаалап алдың,
Хүрүм-баъктың үндезини дээш
Хүрээлерни өртеттириптиң


Четкерлериң эдертип алгаш
Чежеге дээр үптеп, мөлчүүр сен?!
Эрлик-Ловуң келдирти берзе
Элзип алган байлааң канчаар сен?!


Каптагайны чаяап, бүдүрген
Хайырааты Бурган көрүп ор
Сүрлүг шындан канчап кортпас сен?
Сүнезиниң ушкарыпкаш, чор!